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Today is 2021-01-15, and the time is 5:51am.

Development of this site has been discontinued due to the launches of similar services (Facebook Marketplace, for example).

Note: TomeTrader.net is currently only available to students of Texas A&M University in College Station. We'd love to expand in the future if it is a success, but we are remaining local for now.

The intent of TomeTrader.net is to facilitate the exchange of textbooks between students of the same university so that students can avoid new/used bookstores altogether. In many ways, TomeTrader.net is like half.com. We don't keep an inventory of books, we merely connect people who have books with those who need them. The annoying thing about half.com, however, is that often you'll wind up buying a book from someone across the country when there are plenty of people on your own campus who'd like to sell theirs. TomeTrader.net connects you with students of your school who have the book you're looking for, so you can make the transaction on your own campus without having to wait for a possibly unreliable online seller to get it to you via snail mail.

Also, unlike most other used book sites, TomeTrader.net doesn't charge any usage fees and we don't take a cut of your sale. Registration is free, the information we require from you is minimal, and we seek to keep the site simple to use and fast. Also, no private information is made available to other people until a deal has been made, and then only the information you want. Once you've agreed to a transaction, how you exchange the book and payment is entirely between you and the person you're dealing with.

So go ahead, register and start listing those books you don't want anymore! And then start searching for the ones you need...if you find what you're looking for, chances are you'll save time and money.

Thanks for visiting and tell your friends! The more people that know about it, the more selection there will be!


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